Hibernia Knittanica

In a frenzy of unconscious patriotism, I stayed up late knitting little Irelands – as you do.
As with a lot of my work I made three and then stopped. I make up the pattern as I go and I think that by doing it three times I embed it in my brain. Yes, I know I could just write it down but I prefer the thrice tried method.

Apart from Italy of course, Ireland is an extremely knittable island and just cries out (to me) to hung from a keychain. Glad I’m not Indonesian in that respect.
Looking at the map, I have always had the strong impression of Ireland as a tubby little bear, sitting aloof, with his back to Europe, with Lough Neagh for an imploring eye westward, arms outstretched – whining “ Help America, help. Big Bad England’s kicking me up the arse.

So – now the only question left and it’s an age old one – How much is the Auld Sod worth? What price the multiple Mother Mother Eireanns? Oh, Roisin Dubh – do I even put a price on you or do I auction you off to the highest bidder? – well if NAMA can, I can.

I miss the bees

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.” Albert Einstein.

Alas, Albert, methinks we haven’t that long to live so.. Lamentable lack of bee, ladybird and butterfly action in my garden this year. Usually it’s full of buzzy, fluttery life. Lets hope it’s just this year.

New Font and New words of the week

New Font and New words of the week

I love this American Typewriter font – almost makes me nostalgic for typewriters – until I remember the ribbon palaver, the jammed keys, the inky fingers and the frustration of getting almost to the end of a perfectly typed page only for the inevitable gibber and splot to ruin it all.

In other news, I have discovered Fat Quarters and I’ve fallen in love with the name and the objects – I’ve taken to ogling and fondling them in Harberdasheries this week. Well, it’s a change from ogling and fondling things in Hardware shops. I am embracing this new found girliness and love of all things fabric – including folldolls, furbelows and titifalalfalloos…

Knitty Mirror

IMG_0510Knitty Mirror

Using natural light for photographing mirrors or anything really is always better – But it’s not easy to capture the mirror frame in detail without the reflection distracting the viewer.
Still, I think you get the picture.

Making a Music Cabinet

Painting each piece to resemble oak and walnut burr veneer is a slow and painstaking process but one which I enjoy immensely - and not just because I love the smell of gloss varnish. Art deco inspired shapes work very well with the curved and slightly off kilter nature of the structure.