New Font and New words of the week

New Font and New words of the week

I love this American Typewriter font – almost makes me nostalgic for typewriters – until I remember the ribbon palaver, the jammed keys, the inky fingers and the frustration of getting almost to the end of a perfectly typed page only for the inevitable gibber and splot to ruin it all.

In other news, I have discovered Fat Quarters and I’ve fallen in love with the name and the objects – I’ve taken to ogling and fondling them in Harberdasheries this week. Well, it’s a change from ogling and fondling things in Hardware shops. I am embracing this new found girliness and love of all things fabric – including folldolls, furbelows and titifalalfalloos…

Knitty Mirror

IMG_0510Knitty Mirror

Using natural light for photographing mirrors or anything really is always better – But it’s not easy to capture the mirror frame in detail without the reflection distracting the viewer.
Still, I think you get the picture.